freeman’s café

cafeI was asked by the owner of Freeman’s Café in Edinburgh to provide some design work.  Originally I was asked to build a new cake-stand for the café but this quickly changed to redesigning and building a new shop-front and counter area for the staff to work.

Their existing set-up looked good but there wasn’t enough space for the staff to work, plus he wanted something more rustic and homely constructed with chunky wood.  They needed a counter-top, a sink, an area for displaying their cakes, preparing coffee and drinks etc. as well as plenty of storage. I opted for using old reclaimed scaffold boards for the work, partly for the co-credentials but mostly because it has real character and looks great with a bit of work.

From initial consultation to installation the work took a total of just over two weeks.  The feedback from the staff and customers has been great and it’s nice to see a small business benefit from the work I do.

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